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Wessex Water
    • Website Address:
    • Primary Phone Number:
    • 0800 692 0692
    • Secondary Phone Number:
    • 03456004600
    • Address:
    • 1 Clevedon Walk,
      BS48 1WA
    • Emergencies - what to do


      I don’t have any cold water from the kitchen tap: If possible, check with your neighbours to see if they are affected too. If you are the only one affected, it may be an internal plumbing problem. If not, please call 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) and we will investigate.

      I have spotted a leak: To report a public or private leak call Leakstoppers on 0800 692 0692 (24 hours). We offer a free leak repairs on private service pipes. more...

      I have cloudy water: White or cloudy water can be caused by air trapped in the supply main. This can happen if the main has been opened to carry out essential maintenance. Your tap water may have white specs or look milky. This should clear within 24 hours. more...

      I have a problem with water pressure - the water is only coming out in a trickle: If possible, check if your neighbours' properties are also affected. If so, please call 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) and we will investigate. If yours is the only property affected, it may be an internal plumbing problem. In cold weather it is possible that yourpipes may have frozen.

      I have a burst on an internal pipe: Turn off the water supply at the internal stop tap - normally located in your kitchen. Contact a plumber as soon as possible - you can find a registered plumber at WaterSafe. Do not touch any wet electrical fittings.

      I think a pipe has frozen: Turn off the water supply at the internal stop tap - normally located in your kitchen. Then partly turn on any affected taps until the pipes have thawed - this will allow any water that has frozen to drain away. You can heat gently the section of pipe or tap that is frozen, either using a hot water bottle or wrapping it in warm towels. more...

      I need a plumber:  WaterSafe is an online search facility bringing together thousands of qualified contractors from the seven existing Approved Contractors’ Schemes across the UK.


      My property has been flooded with sewage: Call 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) to report the incident immediately. A crew will attend as soon as possible to help you. In the meantime, avoid contact with sewage wherever possible.

      I think a sewer is blocked: Call 0345 600 4 600 and we will determine who is responsible for the sewer. If it is our responsibility, we will attend and clear the blockage free of charge. If it is a private sewer, you will need to use a private contractor.

      I suspect a local river has been polluted with sewage: Ring 0345 600 4 600 as soon as possible. If the pollution is not sewage-related, please call the Environment Agency.

      I have spotted a broken or damaged manhole cover: Call 0345 600 4 600 to report it. We will check our records and if it is our responsibility we will attend and arrange a repair or replacement.

      I suspect a caller is bogus: Ring us on 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) immediately. If the caller is not genuine we would advise you to call the police.