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  • Primary Phone Number:
  • 01823 400351
  • Address:
  • Ashleigh, ,
    TA4 1QE
  • Milverton W.I. meetings are held at The Methodist Church, Silver Street, Milverton at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise stated.   All visitors will be made very welcome.  

    PROGRAMME  2016

    2nd February       -         "Concorde -  My Story"    

                                           Molly Burton

    1st March            -           Transform Drug Policy Foundation

                                            Nicky Saunton 

    5th April              -            "Steps to a Green Old Age (Tips for Healthy Living)

                                            Richard Murphy

    3rd May               -           A.G.M.

    7th June              -           "Panama to New Zealand"

                                            Liz Vernon

    5th July               -           "The Rich Language of Icons"

                                            Ian Ainsworth-Smith

    2nd August          -           Members' Evening

    6th September    -            "How Well Do You Breathe? (From natural breathing training)


    4th October         -            "Driftwood"

                                             Emma Duke

    1st November     -            "The Magic of Minack" (about Rowena Cade, creator of the Minack Theatre)

                                             Sandra Bateman

    6th December     -             "Climb Every Mountain?" (Experiences of an amateur climber)

                                             Chris Marshall

  • The present committee is:-   President:  Frances Vail   (01823) 400351

                                                  Vice-President: Jean Ainsworth-Smith

                                                  Secretary:  Edwina Pugsley                                                                                                                Treasurer:   Hester Messom

                                                  Mary Chalmers

                                                  Doreen Amery

                                                  Christine Sauvain                                                                                    


  • Programme 2018

    16th January             Members' Meeting

    6th February              Springtime in the Baltic  -  Jean & Ian Ainsworth-Smith

    6th March                   The Audrey Waymouth Memorial Lecture  -  Christopher Hampton

                                       (in the Victoria Rooms)

    3rd April                      Taunton Garden Town  -  Kate Murdoch (Principal Planning Officer)

    1st May                       A.G.M.

    5th June                      St. Margaret's Hospice  -  Ann Fulton (Spiritual Advisor)

    3rd July                       Marie Antoinette's Guide to Farming  -  Sarah Harris

    7th August                   Members' Meeting

    4th September             Somerset Coastline from the Air - Bob Corns

    2nd October                 (at Milverton School)   Group Meeting - All about ACWW

    6th November               Winter Customs  -  David Sutcliffe

    4th December               Flower Designs for Christmas  -  Jan Waters