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Victoria Rooms


Our Christmas Quiz on the 8th December was a great success.   The Victoria Rooms was full of happy folk, eating, drinking laughing and getting their little grey cells around Gwil’s thought-provoking questions!   The quiz was won by the AmDram team, but it was a hard fought contest.   Grateful thanks to Chris and her team for all their hard work and a special thanks to Gwil and Margaret Wren for doing such an excellent job (as always!) as quizmaster and scorer.

If you haven’t got your 2018 Milverton calendar – it is now too late as they have all been sold.  Many thanks to all who purchased calendars and to Lindsay Fortune for his excellent salesmanship and the beautiful photos – (although he says he didn’t take the historic ones!)

Our AGM will be held in the Reading Room on Tuesday 9th January 2018 starting promptly at 7.00pm.  All are welcome to attend this open meeting and raise any points they wish to make.   The committee are always looking for new ideas on how our village hall can be improved.   Volunteers to become “Friends of the Victoria Rooms” are also welcomed – if you feel you could spare a few hours every so often to help maintain or run our village hall, please contact Maggie on 400142 and she will be happy to give you some more details

As mentioned last month, Somerset Opera are returning to the Victoria Rooms on Saturday 24th March 2018 and will be performing Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan.  The story takes place in the Cornish seaside village of Rederring!  - the only village with a corps of professional bridesmaids. Sweet Rose Maybud, the heroine, is incapable of making any decisions without referring to her book of etiquette. She falls for Robin Oakapple but is chased by Dick Dauntless, a young sailor. There are witches’ curses to be untangled, long lost lovers to be reunited and a portrait gallery of vocal portraits to be placated. Typical Gilbertian frolics!  Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.  There will be a bar.  Tickets cost £9.00 each and will be available from the end of January from Milverton Stores or by calling Carol on 07795 264478.

Don’t forget that the Victoria Rooms is registered as a good cause under the Somerset West Lottery and, for each ticket purchased by a supporter, the Victoria Rooms receives 50p.   To purchase your tickets and support your village call go to the website and search for Milverton Victoria Rooms.  Good luck!

To book the Victoria Rooms email us at or call Eileen on 400745.

Finally, please keep collecting your used postage stamps for the Victoria Rooms, which, when we have enough, can be converted into cash.   Stamps can be left in the pouch in the Reading Room at the Victoria Rooms or at the Post Office.   Alternatively, please ring Maggie on 400142.