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Milverton Venturers Investment Club
    • Contact Email:
    • Primary Phone Number:
    • 01823 400223
    • Secondary Phone Number:
    • 01823 400890
    • Address:
    • Fox's Hollow,
      TA4 1QZ


      Members of the Milverton Venturers Investment Club celebrated their most successful year at their Annual General Meeting on June 13. During the 2016/17 financial year, the value of units in the club had increased by 21.4%, the largest percentage improvement in the 18 years the Club has been in operation.

      Members of the Club contribute a regular amount each month. The incoming funds are then invested in shares and bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange. Currently the club has holdings in 49 companies. During 2016/17, the value of this portfolio exceeded £100,000 for the first time. The Club provides an opportunity for members to learn more about investing on the stock market and for sharing ideas on possible investments. Members also join in social events during the year.

      At present the Club has 26 members. New members are always welcome. Anyone interested in learning more should contact Michael Reynolds (400223) or Lindsay Fortune (400890).