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    Venue:  Victoria Reading Rooms
    22/10/2016 - 14:30PM

    Saturday October 22nd sees the long awaited launch of "Darlingest": the book written around the WWII wartime letters that a London evacuee teacher wrote back to her husband having found herself amidst the countrry life of this Somerset village, Milverton.  With her own pupils in her care, living right in the heart of the village community, she wrote back daily describing her life, plight and social encounters.  The letters paint their own picture but the trail of the book together with just recent discoveries disclose a wider picture that ties Milverton into the war beyond its boundries, the soldiers that passed through it and the fates that they encountered.

    The book is launched in the afternoon as described in the poster with the author signing copies and in the evening there is a celebratory 40s' style Evening of Music and Dance in a Victoria Rooms that has little changed, since the Saturday night village dances of the war glided across its worn wooden floor.  All are welcomed to come and enjoy a touch of memory lane and revival dancing, dressing to period where possible and mingling with the few diehard re-enactors who will flavour the day with both uniform and display.  Proceeds of the evening go towards funding the new floor which recently has sadly shown its age.