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  • This is a poetry site for everyone! When I first came to the village I decided that it needed a good shot of poems. (The late and much-missed Howard met me and said he was starting a web-site majoring on my poems, the flattery of which was greedily taken up). Meanwhile, I had started a series of village poetry readings inviting as many people as possible to take part. Held in the (equally much-missed) St Michael’s Rooms, the turn-outs were high. I had asked for and received personal poems read by the authors, favourite poems read by those doing the favouring, all interlaced by a couple of poems of mine. As everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I thought I would continue the formula here. So, let’s get going...Please send me poems you’ve written or other people’s poems you like. It’ll be fun and serious and touching (remember, most of the world takes to poetry in moments of need, including the demands of love, weddings, funerals). Here’s a poem of mine which I hope serves as encouragement (as you can see, poetry subjects can be any and, before I forget, can most certainly be written without rhyme!)