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Milverton News

    Surgery Latest


    What is happening?

    The Lister House Partnership needed to make changes as a number of the current GP partners are due to leave or retire shortly and the practice has not been able to recruit new GPs to ensure the practice can continue.
    Somerset Partnership has agreed to take over management of Lister House partnership to help protect GP services for the local area. We are working with the GP partners and surgery staff to complete this change without any impact on the day to day running of the surgeries at both Wiveliscombe and Milverton. The change of management will happen from 1 September 2016.
    What are the benefits?
    Our Trust is a large, county-wide NHS trust, and one which provides a wide range of services. We have already advertised for new GPs and have had a really good response, confirming our belief that as a larger organisation we are in a better position to attract GPs and offer recruits a range of roles across a variety of settings. We are convinced that this will be attractive to newly qualified GPs wanting to increase their experience and boost their career, or to experience GPs looking for a new challenge. This will enable us to support the surgery in continuing to provide excellent medical services to the whole all local community.
    Somerset Partnership provides a broad range of community and mental health services. We are looking to bring some of the services to the surgery which means that as well as continued access to GPs, patients can also have access to a wider range of services and clinics closer to their homes.

    Milverton surgery – future plans

    In the short term, Somerset Partnership is planning to continue patient services at the Milverton site.
    However, we have been informed that the current GP partners – who own the building - intend to sell the Milverton surgery. We were asked if we would want to buy the building but we declined; as an NHS trust we want to use valuable NHS resources to provide patient services, not to purchase and maintain property.
    Instead, we have negotiated a twelve month lease on the surgery (until September 2017) from the GP partners which gives us more time to work with patients and residents of Milverton and Wiveliscombe in determining what the right long term solution is.
    Our aim in taking over management of Lister House Partnership has been to protect GP services for the local area. We need to get the balance right between providing enough services to meet local needs but without stretching those GP resources too far that we once again see the threat of surgery closures.
    We are exploring all options and we will consult with local patients, staff and the local communities on any changes that might be needed. We cannot promise that Milverton will remain open in its current form but we are confident that services will be maintained, especially patient access to medicine and prescriptions.
    How can local people have their say about these changes?
    We will want to hold meetings with the public and have already engaged with the staff and the Lister House Patient Group at the surgery. We also have a meeting planned with the Milverton Parish Council where we will discuss concerns about Milverton surgery.
    Also, Somerset Partnership is an NHS foundation trust, so you can become a member of the Trust and receive information about the wide variety of services on offer and have a direct influence on how we are delivering services in the future.
    To join you can phone the Membership Office on 01278 432 000.
    Somerset Partnership welcomes the work of patient groups such as your local Patient Participation Group (PPG) and the Trust will be working with the Wiveliscombe PPG as we develop your local service.
    If you are interested in finding out more, please email or call Peter Berman on 01984 623712
    Further information
    Somerset Partnership has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) that takes questions and listens to the views of our patients and their families. You can contact them:
     by phoning 01278 432 022
     by emailing
     by texting 07881 810 609 (start message with PALS)
     by writing to Somerset Partnership. 2nd floor Mallard Court, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater TA6 4RN