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Get online with your club, organisation or local service with a local profile that allows you to share events, pdf's, images and more on the Milverton website.

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Milverton News

      Milverton News

      Welcome to the News Profile of our Community Website. If you are a Profile user posting News and Events for your Local Community to see has never been easier. All Profile users can create their own News Items including text and an A4 image eg a Poster, which will be posted within the News pages, and on the Home Page. Events can be created with a Description, date, time and Venue and once created the post will be streamed onto the main Homepage as well as the Events Pages alongside all other events in order to create a detailed directory or Diary of what is going on in Milverton and surrounds.  We also have a download facility to create a file for printing or inclusion in the Milverton and Fitzhead Parish Magazine as required. All News and Events are linked within the site to the users Profile Page to allow easy navigation and maximum awareness.

      The benefits of using these facilities are that you only need to input the information once for it to be published across the whole site to maximise its exposure. Whilst there is another Web based Village Diary site in use it is limited in scope, as there is no link between it and the Community Website, thus negating the benefits of the inbuilt integration. It also does not have the benefit of posting images and linking with the Profile owners web pages.

      Because of these limitations we encourage the use of the Events and News facilities.

    • If you are not a Profile owner on our Community Site and have news you wish to share with the Village you have the opportunity to send in your item for publication. Please send your item and image, if you have one, to our Events Editor at

      Your news item will be published within 5 days of receipt or sooner if we can do it.