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Methodist Church
  • All are very welcome to join us for Sunday Worship.

    Minister Rev'd Zdzisiu Hendzel 28 Rope Walk Wellington


    Faith is a gift

    “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2:8

    In 2015 a well known author admitted in a Christian magazine that she could not believe in God; not because she did not want to, but because she could not.  As a result of this confession a virtual literary storm broke out around her.  Among other things, a prize for literature that she had won shortly before, was withdrawn.  I sincerely wished that I could have had a conversation with her and tell her that faith is not something that we do.  It is a gift.  It comes from God.  We cannot earn it.  We can only gratefully accept it because Jesus earned it for us on the cross.  He makes it possible for us to believe, because he has fully paid the price of our debt of sin.  C.S Lewis explains it beautifully: When we speak about somebody who does something for God or gives something to God, it is like a little child going to his father, saying, “Daddy, give me some money to buy a gift for your birthday” Of course,  the father does so and takes great pleasure in the gift his child gives him.  However, Lewis concludes, it is only an idiot who would think that the transaction brought any profit into the pocket of the father.  If you believe in God, it is never something you have achieved for yourself. Be sure to thank God for the precious gift of faith with which he has entrusted to you.

                                                                                                  Rev Zdzisiu Hendzel


    • Sun 23rd Sept A united service with our friends from St Michaels at 10-30 led by our minister Rev Zdzisiu Hendzel

    • Sun 30th Sept Our Harvest Festival service at 10-30 will be led by Rev'd Paul Booth 

    • Sun 7th October Our service at 10-30 will be led Terry Stirzaker

    • Sun 14th October   Our service at 10-30 will be led by our minister Rev'd Zdzisiu Hendzeland and include holy communion

    • Sun 21st October Our service at 10-30 will be led by Rev'd John Bolton

    • Sun 28th October A united service at 9-30 at St Micheals will be led by Brian Cooper

    • Sun 4th November Our service at 10-30 will be led by Gill Atkinson

    We also host the very popular Community Café every Wednesday at 10.30am.

    ​​Light lunches are served from 12-15 on the last Wednesday of the month

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