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Milverton Curmudgeons
    • Primary Phone Number:
    • 01823
    • Address:
    • The Globe,
    • In the beginning

      Founded by accident just over seven years ago, the Milverton Curmudgeons are a disparate (and sometimes desperate) group of like-minded ‘Grumpy Old Men’ who meet weekly for a meal and a pint at a local hostelry, where we put the world to rights; have a lot of banter - and a jolly good moan. The group comprises men of a certain age with exceptionally good looks and a wide- range of experience in business and commerce. Age is not a consideration for membership of the group but a questioning, even rebellious state of mind is essential.

      We are active in the village having started and developed the much admired Fireworks Extravaganza in November which is now a annual village event organised in conjunction with the Milverton Trust.