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Milverton Cookery
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  • 01823 400842
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  • 12 High Street,
    TA4 1LL
  • I love food and love cooking and I hope this website on cookery will encourage you to join in by sending your own recipes and tips on shopping for and cooking interesting food.

     How about sending in your views on local pub and restaurant food? Who do you think serves up the best Sunday Lunch? It's always a good idea to try out new recommended places to eat!

    I will start the ball rolling by giving a few Autumnal tips. Those of us with gardens are wanting to know what to do with a glut of runner beans, courgettes and tomatoes, and then there are the apples ( such a good year for them) and pears......any ideas??

     My tip for using up tomatoes! Roast them! Delicious!
            Cut in half as many tomatoes as you can fit into a big roasting dish. Sprinkle with garlic salt, sugar and a good tasty oil and cook low and slow at 300F gas 3 bottom oven of an Aga for?....
    5 to 7 hours depending how dry you want them to be. In a hurry to get it done put them in a hot oven for the first 40 minutes and then drop the temperature. You can now use them as part of a salad, sprinkled with basil leaves or added to a favourite pasta dish, or cover with oil and they will keep for ages in the fridge.
         If any of you are into "bottling", then tip number two is to use your roasted tomatoes and fresh mixed with garlic, basil, black or green olives. Less room taken up in your freezer and they look great and are an instant easy pasta meal for the winter months.