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  • The Milverton Community Website - History

    12 months ago the village was looking to develop an all inclusive web site to provide the inhabitants and local businesses with a single point of information on the internet and allow visitors to find out about or village and community.

    A small committee was formed and put out our requirement to competitive tender. We chose a local firm called ADDABLE who best met our requirement for a modern, robust and easy to manage site specifically designed to support the needs of a small village community like Milverton. The key feature is the 'Profile' which is created for each individual organisation or business. The Profile owner has total control over what is published within a modern framework allowing the publication of text, images and PDF files. Each Profile is a mini website which is a unique entity on the Web and available to be searched as any website. This provides an opportunity for those small businesses who are not on the Web to create a website at no cost. The Parish Council has a prominent position in the site with special features to allow the easy loading of council information eg Agenda and minutes of Meeting etc. The News feature allows immediate communication to the Parish for important issues. We also have an electronic version of the Milverton and Fitzhead Parish Magazine available to view. Back copies are available for reference.

    A range of Tutorials are available to assist the creation and development of the Profie to meet specific requirements within an established tempalte of options. Please see Administration for details.

    We don't have a Webmaster as the system is designed to be updated by the Profile owners who manage their own information, publishing documents and images. The site has integrated news and events facilities which allows the immediate publication of news items and events within the site. This reduces the need to update multiple information sources and ensures no translation errors. The events section provides the basis of a village calandar when profile owners post their forthcomming events. A download facility produces a file that can be input to the Parish Magazine diary.

    The funding for this development came from The Milverton Trust, a village charity supporting good causes, a Business Development Grant from Taunton Deane Borough Council and a further grant from Milverton Parish Council.

    We have just gone live after a 4 month familiarisation and training programme. We continue to help those village organisations and businesses not yet registered to develop their presence on the site.

    The use of this website is free to all individuals,organisations and businesses resident in the Village of Milverton and those villages that make up the 'Milverton Hundred' .