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Milverton and Fitzhead Society
  • Primary Phone Number:
  • 01823 400351
  • Address:
  • Ashleigh,
  • Here is the new programme for the 2018 - 2019 season:-

    Sept. 13th             "The SS Great Britain - the Concorde of her day" by Philip Unwin

    Oct. 11th               "Heavy Metal & Wet Cement - A Journey through 21st Century Orthopaedic Surgery

                                  Andrew Kelly

    Nov. 8th                "Canada to Japan across the North Pacific" by Lindsay Fortune

    Dec. 6th                "Archaeology on your doorstep - Recent Archaeology in Somerset"

                                  Bob Croft

    Jan 10th 2019       "Rivers of the Himalaya - Antecedent, captured & sacred"

                                  Danny Clark-Lowes

    Feb. 14th               "The Story of MI9's Escape & Evasion Mapping Programme 1939 - 1945"

                                  Barbara Bond

    Mar. 14th               "Roman Life around Milverton & Fitzhead"

                                  John Smith

    April 11th               AGM followed by "The Monmouth Rebellion - the events leading up to it and

                                  the terrible aftermath.

                                  John Allen

  • Here is the new programme for the 2016 - 2017 season:-

    Sept. 8th                    "John Popham - 16th Century local boy made good"

                                       James Bradnock

    Oct. 13th                    "Somerset Grandfather Clocks"

                                       Chris Cluff

    Nov. 10th                    "Fracking - Fact and Fiction"

                                        Dr. Julie Richardson

    Dec. 1st                       "Rocks, Routes & Shoots - an account of a recent trip to Kashmir & Ladakh"

                                         Danny Clark-Lowes

    Jan. 12th 2017              "Changes in Farming in the Milverton area in the past 70 years"

                                          David Case, Arthur Whittle & Philip Ackland

    Feb. 9th                         "Brewing in Somerset"

                                           Mary Miles

    Mar. 9th                          "50 years behind the mirror and probe"

                                           John Arnold

    April 6th                          A.G.M. followed by

                                            "Milverton Hundred 1000 A.D. to 2000 A.D.

                                            Dr. Peter Hutchinson

    All meetings will take place in the

    Methodist Chapel at 7.30pm

    unless otherwise notified

    The Society subscription is £5.00 per year, payable on 1st April, together with a meeting charge of

    £1.00 payable on the door.

    Visitors are very welcome to any of our meetings.   Non-membership cost at each meeting is £2.00.