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Milverton Amateur Dramatic Society
  • Sue, Leigh, Vicky and Elaine of the "We need all the help we can get" self-help group.

    "Nick and Jonny's BIG Revue"

    November 2013

  • Elaine playing a 'Shy' saloon gal.

    "Way Out West Country"

    November 2015

  • Sue all dressed up as a 'Rustler', part of the Paper Bag Kid's Gang!

    "Way Out West Country"

    November 2015

  • The cast of 'Way Out West Country'

    Written by members of the society and directed by Leigh Dudbridge

  • Shakespeare as you've never ever seen it!

    This was our May 2016 production to celebrate the death

    of Shakespeare.

  • "Mirror Mirror"- November 2016

    This production was written by one of own, Ginney May.

  • Snow It All and The Little Folk

  • Toby looking concerned in 'The Beginner's Guide to Murdering Your Husband', May 2017