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Milverton Amateur Dramatic Society
  • Rehearsals for Life of Riley

    Edwina playing Monica.

    Monica has left George Riley and started a new relationship with Simeon, which is going well (ish). Will the news of George's illness change things?

  • Rehearsals for Life of Riley

    Mike playing Jack.

    Jack is George Riley's best friend. How will he cope with the news of George's illness? 

  • Rehearsals for Life of Riley

    Simon playing Colin.

    Colin is George Riley's doctor and needs to be there to pick up the pieces of George's illness. Or will he have enough on his plate dealing with his wife's relationship with George?

  • Rehearsals for Life of Riley

    Mark playing Simeon.

    Simeon thinks that everything is going well in his new relationship. How will he react when his new partner Monica wants to support her former partner, George Riley, through his illness?

  • Rehearsals for Life of Riley

    Kathleen playing Tamsin.

    Tamsin only really knows George Riley through her husband's friendship. Will their joint foray into local amateur dramatics bring them closer, perhaps closer than her husband Jack would like?