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Milverton Amateur Dramatic Society
  • Contact Email:
  • Primary Phone Number:
  • 01823 401235
  • Secondary Phone Number:
  • 01823 401278
  • Address:
  • 8 Silver Street,
    TA4 1LA

Special General Meeting

Future Productions….

Due to a lack of attendees at the AGM, the society was unable to appoint all the officers, apart from the chairman.

We have therefore called an

Extraordinary Meeting on the 23rd May at 7:30 p.m. in the Reading Rooms

and urge all members and interested parties to attend.

Failure to appoint a functioning committee will result in NO MORE PRODUCTIONS.

We already have an outline plan for the Christmas production in November and we know many of you are interested in taking part.

Please support us or this will not be going ahead.

A huge vote of thanks…

To Leigh, Ian and Vicky who have served on the committee for many years and to in particular Leigh for her work as chairman ,secretary and committee member over that time.

They now want to take a well-deserved break and hand over the reins to others for a while.