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Milverton Local History Group
  • May Day and Archive Exhibition May 2nd 2016

    Over 200 came to our presentation of Archives and the heritage of Milverton., including our youngest visitor. Dylan Thomas aged 6yrs who had some interesting questions  about the history of  the church for Clive Perry who has long time connections with Milverton.
    Nigel Wood produced some interesting old photos of Milverton from the Archives.
    Andrew Bowman presented his plan of the graves he has plotted  to enable easier searches of their whereabouts in the Church yard.
    Peter Hutchinson displayed his 1685 map of Milverton and the Portreeve Roll he had used in his research.
    Mary Ewing and Paddy Thompson from SANHS gave a presentation of their research into the Vernacular houses of the area and probates related.
    Elizabeth McDowell gave some interesting clues to the content of her soon to be published book on Milverton in WW11.
    The Recordings of Hazel Phelps and David Case made by David Dowling and formerly by Geoffrey Godbert and Jenny Fry were available to watch.
    We were very grateful to be loaned the United Charities  book and some old Log books from the School.
    The day provided more facts and clues to Milverton's  past . In all a very enjoyable and fruitful day and a welcome refuge at times from the passing showers !
    Many Thanks to all our Volunteers and our new Chairman Steven Wort who all worked so hard to make the day such a success.
    Maggie Dinning
    Secretary History Group.

  • On display .May 1st  2017 10am until  4pm. At the church 

  • Returning to .Milverton for the Heritage display in the church during the Street Fair day on May 1st. This stone head was found in a Milverton garden in the 1980's and has been stored at the Somerset .Museum since then . It will take pride of place in the church where it may have originally come from. Dated to the 1170's by the Somerset Buildings Atchaeologist Jerry Sampson it was probably a corbel.That date is an interesting one from History as Henry 11 and Thomas .Becket spring to mind..... look forward to hearing your thoughts on the intriguing object...... Lots of other items to see including a collection of locally found artifacts . This year we are pleased to offer refreshments between12 and 2pm