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Milverton Local History Group
  • We now have a new camcorder so that we can recommence our recordings of the reminiscences of Milverton residents. 

    The intention is to record and video as many of the more 'senior' residents who have tales to tell, and to store those recordings for people to listen to. 

    David Dowling has kindly agreed to take charge of the recordings. The latest addition to the recording archives is the discussion held with David Case at the last History Group meeting on the 7th April 2016

  • 6 More Residents have shared their memories with us and we have learnt more about life in Milverton now gone. As one resident from the 30's said ' You could be Born and Die in Milverton with no need to go out of the village ! All you needed was there.

    Please contact either Maggie or David if you would like to share Your memories.