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Milverton Local History Group

    Maggie Dinning and Sue Knowles began a project last year to research and locate where the shops and  pubs of Milverton were situated in days gone by.

    They are attempting to name, identify, and locate the many Public houses and Alehouses that used to trade in Milverton.

    From the 20 odd establishments that have traded in the village  we now have only the Globe, with the White Hart being the last to close in around 2007. 

    The latest challenge is to locate one of the oldest Alehouses trading in the late 1700's, The Anchor, situated in Engletts street somewhere near the High street. 

    The major sources of information have been A History of Milverton by Frank E Farley and Don F Ekless, a booklet published many years ago by the Rev Maynard, and also The Howard Davies Archives which were recently donated to the MALHG. We are also lucky to have the  Somerset  Heritage Centre at Norton Fitzwarren where Maggie and Sue spend many hours researching! 

    Chatting to long time residents in the village can also give intriguing clues, so if you have any information about the pubs and shops which existed in the village, no matter how small, please let us know.

  • There will be a display of the results of this research at the church During the May Street Fair 7th May 2018