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Milverton Local History Group
  • The Milverton local History Group needs more volunteers to help organise meetings and events. Currently Maggie Dinning is acting as General Secretary, but wears a whole variety of hats as the need arises. But there is only a certain amount that one person can do!

    Steven Wort has volunteered to be the new Chairman, but we are currentlylooking for a new Treasurer.  The Treasurer's role is to liaise with the Milv and Fitz treasurer, and to ensure that payments in and out are properly recorded. 

    Additionally, if anyone is interested in looking after this History Group website entries, please let us know. It is quite a simple task and any training which may be required is readily available.

    Update May 17/2017 Steven Wort has now stepped down reluctantly from the Chair. He has become very involved with Church now and so realise he cannot do both! He will however stay involved with us as best he can.

    so if anyone would care to offer their services and would like to become involved there is a vacancy...