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Milverton Local History Group
  • Mapping the Churchyard

    The History group frequently receives requests both from the UK and overseas for information about ancestors who lived in the village or were buried in the churchyard.

    Perhaps surprisingly, there is no definitive record of burials in the churchyard, and so Andrew Bowman has taken on the task of mapping and recording all the burial plots and headstones.

    Prior to 1980 the Dorset (not Somerset!)Historical Society produced a very good list of burial plots but without noting their location. The Society recorded nothing after 1980. There is also an official Burial Register which purports to do the same thing, but with differing results, and again without noting the location.

    Andrew has now hand drawn a scale map of the churchyard on which he is noting the precise location of all the plots pre and post 1980, plus all those headstones which are illegible. The work has been largely completed it should now be possible to identify every plot and its location, which in turn will help us to answer any questions we may have about people’s ancestors.

    To see Andrew's work, and to access the information, go to COMMUNITY  St Michaels Church, where you can click on the relevant pages