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Milverton Local History Group

    The History Group was formed in October 2013  and is associated with the well established Milverton and Fitzhead Society

    The Group is a forum for discussion and research. Recent items of interest have included a mapping project to show the village as it would have been in the 1600’s, research into the many pubs and houses which once existed in the village, and the voice recording of some of the older residents to capture their reminiscences of life in the village from years ago.

    In addition the Group helps to support and maintain the village archives which comprise old record books, photographs, documents and artefacts relating to the village. The Group has held several exhibitions where the archives have been displayed.

    For further details about the Group, please contact Maggie Dinning on 01823 400142 or

  • Edith Broadmead .   O.B.E.   1862 - 1949

    wife of  Rev. Philip Broadmead OLANDS

  • Rev. Philip Broadmead 1856 - 1922 

  • The Sandstone Head dated to the 1170's by Jerry Sampson found in a Milverton Garden in the 1980's. 

    It was on display during the May 2017 Street Fair in St Michael's Church where it possibly had originally come from.

     It is however to return to The Taunton .Museum where it will go on display in the making Somerset Exhibition later this year.

  • In April 2019 Peter Hutchinson once more entertained and enlightened us Milverton Interesting Past. His Topic this time being the Rise and Fall of the Railway. The Railway came to Milverton in 1871 and operated for over 100 years sadly closing to Passengers in 1966. However in 1974 the route from the station was used to create the Bypass now called Meadows Way after Mr Meadows  local District Councillor who helped persuade the Authorities to build it.