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The Original Dokblok
    •                                       DOKBLOK

      The beautifully crafted Dokblok, a practical and portable wooden docking station for mobile phones and tablets, uniquely amplifies sound naturally whilst devices can be charged.

      Handmade from locally sourced oak and ash, Dokblok is ideal for all hands free activities throughout the home from listening to music or watching films to conference calling or following a recipe.

      When not in use, the stylishly designed Dokblok can be appreciated as an object d’art to enhance any room.


      From a small workshop in the rolling Blackdown Hills, Somerset, friends Julian Bailey and Caroline Womersley set out to produce a new technology accessory, using only natural materials that would be beautiful, functional and durable. As wood is an inherent amplifier, they designed and constructed the first Dokblok using sustainable oak and ash from their neighbouring woodland.

      Over the past 12 months the range has been extended to include four colour options along and new designs for iPads, Kindles.

      To see more please go to our website or come to our shows on the events list.