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The Original Dokblok
    •                                       DOKBLOK


      Dokblok is a practical, portable wooden docking station for smart phones made from oak, ash and other different locally sourced woods. Dokblok amplifies sound using the natural properties of wood.

      All Dokbloks are individually crafted and stained, waxed, and varnished by hand to enhance the grains of the various woods. Ideal for all hands free activities including listening to music and audiobooks, watching films and amplifying calls both in the home and whilst travelling. When not in use it can be appreciated and displayed as an object in its own right.

      Over the past successful two years the range has been extended with new designs and can now be personalised to individual tastes by adding favourite animals.

      Dokblok appeals to all ages from young teenagers to elderly who use smart phones and want a natural alternative instead of having to use plug-in or battery operated amplification.

      To see more please go to our website or come to our shows on the events list.