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Get online with your club, organisation or local service with a local profile that allows you to share events, pdf's, images and more on the Milverton website.

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      to the administration section of the Milverton Community Website. If you have selected to view this page it is likely you wish to join us and create your new Profile and start publishing.

      The Milverton web site does not rely on a webmaster to constantly publish content; rather it allows individuals to update their Profiles in a secure and flexible way. Just log in and update existing or publish new content immediately, post news and events, add new images - it is easy as that.

      How to Join 

      Please read the screen based Tutorials before starting to familiarise youself with the process

      Request a Profile by using the 'Sign in/ Get Profile' logon button found at the top right hand side of the homepage. By clicking this button you are invited to either create a Profile or login.

      Click the blue 'Create my Profile' button and provide the information requested in the following 4 steps. Your request will be reviewed and once you have been advised via email that your request has been accepted, you will be able to update your Profile.

      Your Profile Account

      To start editing your new Profile first Login from the Sign in/ Get Profile button using the email and password you requested on Profile creation. On login you will be taken through a short Tutorial of the key features or use the screen based Tutorials available from the link above.

      You are now able to publish content on the website quickly and easily. This content will be viewable throughout the website on various pages which relate to the topic.

      Profiles for Local Businesses

      A key element of the website is to provide support for local businesses to promote themselves using the power of the World Wide Web.

      Help and Assistance


      For all new Profile owners we offer a training session, if required.